Luke Bastian

Luke has been adjusted since before birth, his parents both studied at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa. Not knowing anything different he has been under regular care his whole life, and still gets a check-up (or two) each week.
Growing up in a Chiropractic household he has still to this day never taken an antibiotic, panadol, or anti-inflammatory.
Finishing HSC in Sydney and moving to Melbourne in 1988 to study Chiropractic, he started his practice in Chiropractic Life at the same time his eldest son was born in 1995. With 3 other younger children still at home, he juggles his time in clinic with family, scouting, baseball, and geocaching.
Clinically he has a special interest in nutritional supplementation, a calling in Pet Chiropractic, but a passion for family practice and children in the clinic.
He hopes for a happier and healthier community through better spinal function.

Carolyn Minster

Carolyn began her working life as a registered nurse in Bendigo. A persistent back injury took her to the local chiropractor at 19 years of age. The results achieved influenced her decision to pursue a career in chiropractic. Carolyn graduated from RMIT after a 5 year bachelor degree in Applied

science in 1993. Her work as a chiropractor has taken her to Brisbane, Sydney and Alice Springs before taking up as principal chiropractor at Templestowe Chiropractic. Carolyn is co owner and has worked at Chiropractic Life since 1996 and in its current location at 1069 Doncaster Rd since 2002.

Carolyn utilises gentle adjusting techniques suitable for the entire family.

She has undertaken the Rocktape course to enhance specialised care for athletes, be they elite or weekend warriors.

She believes that the human body has the capacity to recover if given a little bit of help along the way. No matter what stage of life there is always capacity for decreasing pain and improving function and wellness.